Thursday, August 9, 2012

Shipping Begins

So, a lot has happened since I last typed on this page. A lot. I have had some crazy panic attacks due to overworking myself, I have had some crazy shit go down with the printing of my book, which is a month and a half past the ship date that I set for myself. Suffice to say, I fucked up big time on putting the pages together. Got my shit back together and have moved on. I get my fucking books next week. And now I have to sell them. Yup, I have to sell about 250 books. And I thought the hard part had already passed. Nope, making money off of your work is the hard part with a print book (or a digital book for that matter). I have to find a way to get these books from my hands to other people's hands. And how am I going to do that? Fucked if I know. Hustle will be my middle name. I will hit the stores in Toronto and blanket the GTA, and I will approach some Canadian retailers (the US is too cost prohibitive, hence my website for sales directly to US customers ( for copies.) After that I will have to start and get creative. Maybe hit some gaming/art nights around the city, and just generally let people know that I have a book for sale. And when I get that book in my hands...I think I just might cry. Yup, I'm kinda emotional about this three year train wreck that making this book has been. But I've got some other things on the horizon as well. I've got a short story that I want to drop on the website (, and I've got a new pitch that I want to toss some people's ways to see what happens there. Oh, and we're officially thirty-one pages into volume 2 of FM, so look out for that in the next year too. Until next time. Martin


  1. Yeah!... the time is here... Congratulations Martin!!! We know how much blood, sweat and tears have gone into your book. We are so proud of you! XOXO