Wednesday, September 19, 2012

I've probably got too much to talk about, but that can't be a bad thing, or can it? Where do I start? My book has been published. I think I've said that about a million times, and probably a good handful of times here, but I can't say it enough. It seems surreal. Most of the people that have bought it have had good things to say, although most of the stores that I have it in just have the book sitting on the shelf. Comics need to be sold to their audience and I don't think any of the retailers have taken it upon themselves to suggest the book to their customers. Maybe I should take this as a bad sign, or maybe I should just buck up and suggest that to the retailers that I go and visit. Not quite sure how I engage the retailers into making it a priority to sell my book. Does that come with time? Does that come with knowing my retailer, or...I just don't know. Needless to say this is a question I will have to ask my local retailers.

Online hasn't been selling much better, but I need to push that one as well, and marketing takes time and effort. Also, like I just said, it is more about connecting with your customers, and hand-selling them the magazine, and it is hard to sell someone your comic when you can't do it face-to-face. But that is all going to change.

I'm creating a book launch, and this launch is going to be off the hook. With a lineup of seven burlesque performers, a wonderful host, a cello/rap act, a wonderfully cheerful band and a venue that will be easy to fill, is going to make this something to look forward to. I have some awesome poster art.
All this makes for an opportunity to get face to face with people and sell them the book, and it'll be damn fun on top of that. Getting a bunch of people together to have a good times is never a bad thing. Onto where the progress is on the second book (or the second half), we have forty pages finished and they are some of the best pages I have ever seen from German. The best. I have a wild dream for an indiegogo campaign that will get our books sold and funded, and in my wildest dreams colored and in a hardcover. This book was made for color and every day that it doesn't see color it hurts me a little inside. That said, if this has to be black and white just to see the light of day, I'm okay with that.

Also, I am so close to putting the finishing touches on my pitch for The Last Great Fight. I have a wonderful package I have put together, it reads like a dream, I am just waiting on a cover that works, that will make us stand out from the crowd, and I think the team I have is close to putting it together. I will sell the hell out of this book. Just wait!

 Next item on my list today is get some names of editors whose work I enjoy and send them Foreign Matter so that I can get German and my name in front of some people. There is always so much to do on any given day, and most of it doesn't include me writing...hence going back to the blog one more time to keep my writing chops from getting REALLY rusty.

 Glad to be back, Martin

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