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This was a script I did for someone that bailed. His awesome art is above. My script, below. Enjoy.

Okay. We have already discussed most of the story. I just need to get down to some character descriptions for you and all of that. I admit, I have never seen Cowboys and Aliens, so this will be my version, but I will also channel some of Attack The Block (if you have not seen it, try your very best to see it). I will give pretty specific panel instructions, but please feel free to change them about as you will if you can see a better way of doing it. I give any artist I work with free reign, especially since this is a showcase of your talent. A reminder, leave a little room for speech bubbles, but you probably are all over that already. I will start this off with a quick joke:

“A cowboy rode into town and stopped at the saloon for a drink. Unfortunately, the locals always had a habit of picking on newcomers. When he finished, he found his horse had been stolen.

He comes back into the bar, handily flips his gun into the air, catches it above his head without even looking and fires a shot into the ceiling. "Who stole my horse?" he yelled with surprising forcefulness.

No one answered.

"I'm gonna have another beer and if my horse ain't back outside by the time I'm finished, I'm gonna do what I dun back in Texas and I don't want to have to do what I dun back in Texas!"

Some of the locals shifted restlessly.

He had another beer, walked outside, and his horse was back! He saddled up and started to ride out of town.

The bartender wandered out of the bar and asked, "Say partner, what happened in Texas?"

The cowboy turned back and said, "I had to walk home!"”

Joseph Campbell is barely a man, but is the protagonist of the story. He has just turned fifteen years old and is wanted for the murder of a deputy sheriff, after that deputy murdered his family for the land they were on. Joseph’s family had just found gold on their land, but hadn’t had the time to register it with the government.

Joseph has a light amount of hair on his face, but it is barely there, and is garbed in clothes that are well worn, but tailored to fit him, something his mother and sister would do for him. He has a cowboy hat on his head, a rifle with a lever action, and a pistol at his hip that he took from the deputy that he has killed.

Joseph is a farmer, born and raised and has not had a lot of time or the money to invest in shells to practice his shooting. He is a strong man, but most men of this age are strong as they have to work for their living. Joseph has been brought up with no religion, but has an understanding of god, and his family has said little prayers for meals, funerals and the like throughout his upbringing. Joseph only has three bullets for the pistol and another four for the rifle, but the men don’t know that.

The man in charge of chasing Joseph is Thomas Douglas, a sheriff for the town of Shakespeare. He is rough and grizzled and cares only for himself. He has a large knife at his hip, as well as two pistols. Him and his boys rule the town with an Iron Fist and have their ears to the ground for easy money, hence the killing of Joseph’s family. He is chasing Joseph with two of his most loyal men.

Okay? I think I got the basic backstory down, the basic character, and emotional factor, and now we get into the meat of the story. Joseph is hidden behind a large rock at the base of a canyon. Thomas and his men have caught up to him and have shot his horse out from underneath him, which lies dead just before the rock. It is dusk, and the sun has already gone down behind the horizon, leaving only traces of light. As each page progresses you can make the work darker and darker to go with the quickly setting sun.


Panel 1
An establishing shot. A shot of the sheriff and two men looking onto the opening of the canyon. This is shot from a bird’s eye and from behind and you see the three men, their horses and Joseph’s dead horse. You also see the large rock at the entrance of canyon and the barrel of a rifle peaking out from one side. The sheriff doesn’t really have much cover, but has come down off his horse in order to speak to Joseph. There is some slight shrubbery scattered around.

Thomas: Joe. I know you killed Henry, but we can talk about it. Lets get this over before sundown.

Thomas: We can have some soup and tea in front of a nice fire.

Panel 2
Small tight shot of Joseph at the side of the rock looking down the barrel of his rifle.

Joseph: Talk like Henry talked to my family when he killed them?

Joseph: Over a gold claim!


Panel 1. Thomas talking, he is enraged.

Thomas: You little...

Panel 2. Thomas talking, he is shouting now, no longer calm.

Thomas: You can’t have many bullets left. There are three of us, and you don’t got no horse.

Panel 3. Joseph talking, but as he says this he calms.

Joseph: Then I have some more killing to do.

Panel 4. Joseph’s gun firing off in his hands.


Panel 5. The bullet biting into the ground to the right of Thomas.


Panel 6. Thomas laughing.

Thomas: Learn how to shoot boy.

Thomas: You ain’t killin’ nothing.


Panel 1. A bird’s eye view again, similar shot to Page 1, Panel 1, but a small pod/ship (the size of a small car) is lighting up the sky. The ship is in distress and on fire. Everyone in the panel is looking up and has frightened looks of concern on their faces.


Panel 2. Inset into panel 1. The ship, over Joseph’s shoulder, smashing into the ground, just over a couple hundred meters away. Joseph is looking over his shoulder at the impact and is has his hands up to shield his face from the flash of light that is emitting from the crash site.



Panel 1. Joseph running for the crash site.


Panel 2. Thomas talking to his boys as Joseph runs for it in the background.

Thomas: He’s running. After him.

Panel 3. Thomas and boys on their horses charging after Joseph.


Panel 4. Joseph running past the ship.


Panel 5. Joseph running and something peering out of the darkness beside him.



Panel 1. Thomas on his horse. The burning pod is seen in the background slightly. Thomas has one of his pistols out and it is trained in front of him.

THOMAS: You’re gonna die boy.

Panel 2. A vague outline running in front of Thomas and his boys. Their horses have reared up and the cowboys are falling off.

Thomas: AHHHH!

Panel 3. Thomas hitting the ground hard as he falls away from his horse.



Panel 4. The two cowboys helping Thomas up.

THOMAS: My arm is bust. My ARM.

THOMAS: I’m gonna kill you boy..

Panel 5. Joseph barely lit from the front. He has his rifle out in front of him. He is approaching with caution and his legs are bent as he steps forward slowly.

Joseph: Looks like I’m the one that’s going to do the killing.


Panel 1. Thomas draws his gun and lets off a shot.


Thomas: Gotta aim to kill.

Panel 2. Joseph getting hit in the arm and dropping his rifle.

Joseph: Ah.

Panel 3. Joseph holding his arm as he steps shock from being shot.

Joseph: Keep back.

Panel 4. The two cowboys walking forward with their guns drawn and huge smiles on their faces.

Cowboy: Shouldn’t have fought us none. Gonna make this hurt.

Panel 5. A silhouette in the darkness, just some eyes really. The eyes of the ALIEN.


Panel 1. The two cowboys  stalking towards Joseph guns at the ready.

Panel 2. Cowboy #1 being grabbed and dragged away.

Cowboy #1: WHAH

Panel 3. Joseph and the cowboy #2 looking into where cowboy #1 is.

Cowboy #2: Bill?

Panel 4. Cowboy #1’s head rolling out of the darkness.

SFX: Splch

Panel 5. The alien leaping out of the darkness at the other cowboy #2 as the cowboy #2 shoots at the alien. The alien has been damaged by the crash and the bullet wounds.

SFX: Pcow Pcow

Panel 6. The alien on top of the cowboy #2 in a struggle, and the alien is overpowering him.

Cowboy #2: Tom, tom...



Panel 1. Thomas, one of his arms hanging limp at his side, one of his pistols in his other arm, firing on the alien as the alien savages cowboy #2.

Thomas: Goddamn demon.

Panel 2. The alien running off into the darkness as Thomas shoots at it.

Thomas: I’ll send you back to hell.

Panel 3. Joseph holding his pistol up against Thomas’ head from behind.

Joseph: Howabout you make it warm for him?

Panel 4. Joseph talking, he has a calm about him.

Joseph: How’s my aim now?

Panel 5. Thomas talking.

Thomas: May hell take you too.

Panel 6. BANG! spelt on a black panel.


Panel 1. Smoke wafting into Joseph’s face from the gun.


Panel 2. The alien coming out of the darkness. It is damaged and dying, bleeding ooze from everywhere.


Panel 3. Joseph lifting his gun.

Joseph: I deny you Satan. Take these souls and be gone.

Panel 4. The alien talking.

Alien: I am not what you speak. Do you see I helped you?

Panel 5. Joseph talking. He looks scared, but as though he is contemplating what the alien has told him. His eyes are looking over slightly, he is staring off panel to one of the dead bodies.

Joseph: Yes...

Joseph: enemies are dead. 

Panel 6. The alien looking at Joseph with eyes that aren’t human, eyes that are dying.

Alien: I am like you. They hunt me for something. Their numbers are larger.

Panel 7. The Alien speaking.

Alien:  My carapace dies, but my mind can live. With yours. Our nerves can bond.
Panel 8. Joseph. Confused, his shoulders are slumped due to exaughstion.  

Joseph: Nerves?

Panel 9. Joseph, his mindset changed he has become more sure of himself.

Joseph: I owe you my life. I am indebted to you. Whatever I can do to help I will.


Panel 1. The alien embracing Joseph.

Alien: This will be...

Panel 2. A flash of light.

Panel 3. Joseph’s eyes closed.

Joseph: it always was.

Panel 4. Joseph’s eyes opened. They are alien in nature.

Panel 5. Joseph marching into the darkness with a gun in his hands.

Joseph: Now let them come.

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