Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Webcomic Wednesdays - Trench Coat Samurai

I've decided should add some features into this blog and this is one of them, webcomics Wednesdays, wherein I highlight a specific webcomic that I have come across in my travails that I think is awesome, and there is plenty of awesome out there.

Today I have decided to share with you the goodness that is Trench Coat Samurai. 

Adam Markiewicz is a Kubert school graduate with TALENT! His art style reminds me of some of my favorite artists, Dave Lapham, Dave Aja, and David Mazzucchelli. High praise, but I can't help what I see in Adam's pencils and inks. 

Trench Coat Samurai has been around for only a couple of months (maybe six?), and immediately caught my eye with it's formidable art and interesting main character (a man with a sword and a raggedy Andy doll?). Adam went on to draw and write a shirt story involving his character. Trench Coat Samurai Vol. 1 has a little violence, a little sex, and a lot of humanity. Adam finished this short and decidedto go back to the drawing board and start his epic over (he has stated to me on twitter that he plans on doing Trench Coat for awhile). 

I'm not sure what the new incarnation means, but I quite like the old version, so I'm sure if Adam focuses all his energy on his comic, he will come out ahead of the pack. Be sure to get in on the ground floor and get to reading what Trench Coat Samurai has to offer. You won't find many webcomics of this quality so early in the game.



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