Monday, September 24, 2012

What Do I Look For In My Comics?


I write them, I produce them. I'm a fucking comics maniac. I also read a ton, I've got a pull that looks like Santa's naughty list after massive genocide.

That aside I'm gonna tell you all what I look for in a great comic, whether it is mine, or one of the others out there.

I'm gonna start by saying the fucking cover. I judge books by their cover, especially when I'm impulse buying the fuck out of comics. Marvel and DC will always get me in this regard because they hire some great artists to cover their books with, and they pump out a million covers every month. I  really love me some Rodin Esquejo, Carla Speed Mcneil, Tony Moore, Ryan Sook, Adam Hughes (despite the fucked up nude Dejah Thoris and her fucked up vagina), Brian Hurrt, Francesco Francavilla and a bunch more that I can't think of right now. A cover is SO important, it is the major barrier between someone just glancing at your book, or someone picking it up and buying the shit out of it. Some people buy comics just for the cover art. Makes me wish I had the funds to get that Tony Harris cover I wanted to put on Foreign Matter.

Once you've got me to pick up your book with your wonderful cover you have to deliver the goods in the interior. The interiors have to have some wonderful story, some wonderful storytelling, and some kinetic mass of pictures to keep my eyes moving across the page. I like The League of Extraordinary Gentleman just fine, but after the first couple of trades they started to slow down the speed of the comic and it started to put me to sleep when I was in the ADD mode that I read comics in. My brain has been trained to need something that stimulates it as I'm reading a comic. This is because for a lifetime I have been exposed to action, action, action, cliffhanger over and over and over. It may not be what everyone is looking for, but it something I adore from this genre, the need to go all berzerker from page one to stories end (at least in a bevy of action stories that I read). Story needs settle something or bring something to light. And the art cannot be static. I like Cartoonists. I like people that don't make the lifelike photo pics that are just traced in photoshop, people that have talent behind their pens and ink.

And finally, with all that said, if I ever meet the creator, I need them to be the slightest bit contactful and not huge pricks. The moment you treat me like a fucking prick is the moment I drop your fucking books like they carry ebola.

And with that, this blog post is over.



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