Monday, October 1, 2012

Monday - My Life As A Creator

I create comics with other talented people. I am incredibly proud of this. Let me update you on that whole process.

As always, German is drawing the living daylights out of Foreign Matter honing this comic and making it the best. Our map has been laid out in the first half, the story has been sprung and the insanity can begin. I've often referred to this project as a Michael Bay movie mixed with Superman and the Isle of Doctor Moureau, but in the second half we're bringing so much into it. I've had the script done for a long while now and I am so thoroughly excited to see this part of the story coming to light. The last twenty pages will cement German as a pro to watch, I just hope that I can get this book into enough hands to get him the renown that he deserves. I should get to lettering the forty pages that we have (about 1/3 finished) but I've been hesitant to start in on that, as my soul cries for some creative release. to read this.

I've put a couple of images up of a pitch I have been putting together for awhile. I've talked about The Last Great Fight once or twice before, but I don't think I've really gotten too into a discussion about it. It is a hybrid comic, a little bit of crime and a little bit of sport, that sport being boxing. I've gotten through half of the scripting already, and I can tell you already that this is a project that I am very, very excited about. I've had it plotted for awhile and all I really need is to sit the fuck down and let the story tumble out of my brain and onto the keyboard. The pitch is finished and it is time to let this baby out into the world. My partner on this book is Rodolfo Buscaglia and his style is perfect for the tale, all ink and character goodness.

My sci-fi horror story has been out in the internet for awhile but Dorlan Dante Strada has been laying his palette out on these pages and they look absolutely gorgeous. I've put some of the art on my twitpic account and I cannot wait to see that bad boy finished. I hope I can see it finished, because this story will impress with the art and color on it. Check out Bryan Randall and Dorlan Strada on devianart to learn why.

This week I put up an ad for artists and had two people approach me for scripts. One, George Athansiou, has been SO professional and wonderful and quick. We are working on a short six page script that I've had in my files forever, and I can't wait to see it done. It is the story of an older superhero dealing with the problems of the working man, and I love it. Thanks George for being awesome. This is not to take away from Nick Hadley who I wrote a two page script for last week. I was so scared to write a story in two pages. I figured that I had a maximum of 12 panels and about 300 words to tell a story and that is fucking scary to put pen to. I hatched and finished the story after some great walks full of loud music and amazing brainwaves and sent it off after a quick edit. I fretted for a day or two before getting an email from Nick stating that he dug it and was going to storyboard it over the weekend. SO jacked about that, because I felt like this was a real risky script.

Also, setting up the book launch, thinking about marketing a lot, and blogging.

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