Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Webcomic Wednesday - Trent Kaniuga's Twilight Monk

I remember when I first saw Trent Kaniuga's art in Wizard magazine I couldn't stop starting at it. The article was about Kaniuga's self-published book Creed and there was something about the art that drew me in and kept me in entranced. I hadn't seen a manga-esque style before, the main character was about my age, and the colors and other-worldly quality of what inhabited the page took me somewhere, something that art has continued to do since, and I immediately love it just for that.

Years later I bought the Creed Omnichronos book that collected the entire run of Creed and saw how Trent progressed as both an artist and a storyteller. This was after I found Twilight Monk, and couldn't take my eyes off of the pages again. If you like Joe Mad, you will probably gravitate towards Twilight Monk, although I believe Kaniuga predates Mad's rise to prominence.

In 2010 the first pages of Twilight Monk arrived and I devoured them as they came, telling a seemingly simple tale of Mao and his friends Nora and Rin who after stealing a pillar from their local monastery run into trouble in the forest surrounding their town. Another character with a guitar and huge sword is introduced, a man with no name, as well as a talking tortoise. Trouble and terror ensue and Nora is taken by evil beings while Mao ends that would be telling wouldn't it.

Trent Kaniuga is smashing these pages out, and the environments that he puts his characters in are lush and gorgeous and are calling for your attention. And as the story continues Kaniuga's character work is getting deeper and more thorough.

You need to be reading Twilight Monk.



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