Wednesday, April 24, 2013

I have a nephew named Aiden who is doing a year of home schooling. One of his assignments was to interview me about my writing. We had a cordial little interview and the end product looked something like this:

Today I interviewed the magnificent writer and illustrator Martin John. This was
my biggest interview yet!!!! He has a very interesting personality. His comic that he
just published ‘Foreign Matter’ is his first graphic novel and is about superheroes
and relationships. I like how the characters are all so different – some are animals,
some are human, some are ultra human and some are robots. You have to give a
lot of credit too to the illustrator of this book whose name is German Ponce. Martin
started this book with his brother Damian John at the age of 18. Martin is now 33
and lives in Toronto happily with his wife, Chantelle.

Martin stated he is inspired to write to bring out messages and express his opinions
to the world. Some of the writers that inspired him when he was little and still
move him to write are Dr. Seuss, Roald Dahl, Ernest Hemingway, Neil Gaiman, Kurt,
Vonnegut Junior, and lots of other graphic novelists and film makers.

Martin shared that some of his likes are to spend time with his wife, treat his body
and his mind well, make food, writing stories, reading books and comics, being
outside, and watching well done films and sports.

Martin’s final words of the interview were “If you want to do something then DO IT.
If you like something DO IT. If you stick with it you will eventually become an expert
– you have to be passionate. Hard work pays off.”

I hope you liked it, I thought Aiden did an amazing job and wrote a great article for an eleven year old. Thanks Aiden. 

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