Tuesday, April 30, 2013

It has been awhile since I opened up my big mouth to talk about comics. I guess I've just been letting things stew for a bit, then letting the ferment and turn into a brew.

So, the first big change in my life as a comic creator is that I am learning the art side of things, and as a writer this is a challenging and frustrating thing to do. But I'm only 34 and I have a whole lot of life ahead of me, so if it takes me up to ten years to get things right I am fine with that. You may ask me why I would want to do something like this, and why now when I have established myself as a writer (in some capacity)?

 I have been writing short stories for people throughout the past year, trying to get to know artists and foster a relationship between them and I. I consider myself to be an open and friendly gentleman and I also consider myself to be open to conversation about story and the quality script that an artist want, the level of detail, etc., but I am constantly finding myself writing scripts that I have an investment in seeing produced and than getting dropped from an artist's mind without so much as a reason why. So, I move on and try and find another artist, and that is how the process goes. Artists, one piece of advice I have for you...please tell a writer if you don't want to work with them. I have a strong ego, I can take a little letdown or criticism, and than I know where I stand, I don't have to keep sending you emails, you can be free from me.

Also, I want to produce stories that are personal to me, stories that are for me more than anyone else, stories that I write, pencil, ink, color and letter. And I've done one page so far, one page that is entirely mine. It is not the prettiest page I have ever seen, nor is it the most professional, but I handled it from head to toe and it tells the story that I want it to tell. That is progress folks, and that is a writer learning the art of a cartoonist, something I have always felt that I have within me.

I know I have written a superhero story and am still producing it, but I doubt that I will dip back into that genre for a very long time. I have gotten that out of me for the time being (although I still have two great ideas that I want to get out of me at some point), and I think it is time to focus on stories that have character at the core, relationships, and ideas about life. Hell, I'm 34, I have some idea about how I think the world turns and it'll be great to look back on those ideas when I hit 60 and have a laugh.

As I get close to finishing the 12 issue opus that is Foreign Matter (which I am finishing because I am stubborn as shit) I have a little better take on how the industry works, and how things are stacking up with what I want to do and what I want to produce as an artist.

That said, I have had the pleasure of working with some very wonderful artists (you all know whom you are) that have been the most professional and giving people that I can imagine, and I will continue to work in making graphic fiction that I am proud to bear my name, as well as writing in other media.

I probably have more to expound on, but I will write some more about what I think about comics and things later tonight, or even later this week.

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