Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Mark Andrew Smith and Sullivan's Sluggers. I cannot endorse supporting this creator.

So I have been waiting patiently for my Sullivan's Slugger graphic novel from MArk Andrew Smith that I paid for on Kickstarter. I have attempted to contact him in order to pay him a little extra to get MY book, but he has remained silent the entire time. 

This is bad business and for someone that I once supported and called a peer I cannot support him any longer, and there is a slight little bit of anger in there as well.

40 dollars may not be a lot for some people, but I have to work hard for that money and I did not buy the book lightly, and I have been burned. 

So, I urge everyone on this page not to support someone that is not a man of his word, and not buy his comics, you will be supporting someone that doesn't care.

Thanks for listening,


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