Wednesday, December 25, 2013

10 Artists I Want To Work With - #4 Frank Miller

So, my only rules for this series of blogs is that they must be alive and I must have a rough idea for a story by the end of it. So, number four on the list is Frank Miller, and by far the longest shot on the list. Miller is known to be a bit of an outspoken gentleman when it comes to this industry, but I'm overlooking that for the moment and imagining him drawing a story for me. It would be nice.

For those of you that don't know Miller started rising to fame on Daredevil in the eighties. He started out drawing the book, but began writing it after a couple of issues and instilling it with a dark, pulpy quality that still flavours the character to this day (despite what Mark Waid does with him). Best of all, he drew with enough ink to drown an elephant in. The pages were more black space than white, or more black space than white, Miller loves to play with negative space, and I adore that.

Miller has drawn and written many modern classics in the superhero genre throughout the last thirty, has had the kind of runaway success that not many creators have had with their indie work, and has made that jump, however successful, to making money from the big screen (Sin City, Robocop, The Spirit). It would be a daunting task writing for someone of his stature, and for someone that has been as innovative as he has on the comic book page (look at Elektra: Lives pages below). 
I am looking a lot at the previous artwork that he has done. His pages and style have gotten a lot rougher in recent years, but that style lends itself well to the stories that Miller wants to tell lately, stories of vengeance and insanity. 

I have a real soft spot in my heart for the Wolverine story that Miller did with Claremont. It was the first full series in comics that I ever read, and I adore it. So, I would want to write a Wolverine story for Miller, one fueled with vengeance and with blood. Something small and personal and short. IT would be amazing to do that. 

Well, until next time, or tomorrow, or whenever the next post goes up.

Thanks for reading and happy holidays,

Martin John

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