Monday, December 23, 2013

10 Artists I Want To Work With - #5 Gabriel Rodriguez

If you've read Locke and Key you are among the blessed that know what Gabe Rodriguez is capable of. I had never heard of him until I ran across the book at the Toronto Public Library, and I fell in love. Gabe is a power player in comics, but you just don't know it yet. That is the story that I've made up, that no one knows how amazing he is, and the world is just waiting for him to do a mainstream story that will open up the public to how fucking good this guy is. One Batman story is all it would take. Just one. The thing is, Locke and Key is better than Batman, and I have to hand it to him, he finished the whole series without a fill-in issue, and that is amazing.

In an industry where artists can barely drop two consecutive issues Gabe finished an entire run of forty-something comics, and he did it without dropping the ball once. He didn't skimp, he didn't shy away from the backgrounds, he championed the fuck out of that book. 

On top of all this Gabe is an amazing designer, and draftsman. I believe he used to be an architect, or was involved in that field in some way, and it shows. His design for Keyhouse in Locke and KEy (shown above) is ridiculous. Gabe also designed each and every one of the keys that were involved in the series (and there were many of them).

Gabe is a cartoonist as well, he has the ability adapt his style to mimic those of others, and has done so in the pages of Locke and Key, homaging Windsor McKay and Bill Watterson. 

IDW recently announced a Nemo series with that Gabe is going to be pencilling written by Age of Bronze talent Eric Shanower. The cover that has been shown (below) is absolutely amazing. 

Gabe's covers have always been arresting. I am going to display a couple, one raw pencils, and the other inked. You will be blown away. 


What would I write for Gabe? Wow, that really is a tough question. I would love to see him draw a modern day Western, deserts, guns, and crime. That would be a great project. Three crime families attempting to procure something before the others can get their hands on it. Hmm. Could be fun. 

Anyhow, I hope you've enjoyed seeing the talent of Gabriel Rodriguez. Look him up online @gr_comics and here. Lots of great content.


Martin John 

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