Sunday, December 22, 2013

10 Artists I Want To Work With - #6 Joe Mad

So, in this article I highlight an artist, a living artist that I want to work with and say a couple of words about a project that I would love to work with them on. That is all, it is kind of like fantasy football, but without the football (disclaimer: I have no idea what fantasy football is about, so if that last statement is untrue, I'm sorry, I just felt like I should say that).

I've said this before, but I was a teen in the nineties, and during those days there were two artists who bombarded the industry with a style that was unlike anything we had seen; they were Humberto Ramos and Joe Mad.

Joe started on X-Men just as I was starting to lose interest in them. Scott Lobdell was writing the titles then and they just weren't doing anything for me. The stories were convoluted, you had to buy all of the titles to have any idea about what was going on, and I just couldn't relate to any of the characters...and Image was where it was at for me at that point. I was a Spawn junkie, even though the story that Spawn was pumping out was just as convoluted as what was happening in X-Men. I forget the name of the storyline that I first saw Mad on, but his drawings were hyper-kinetic, and his design sense was sick. The  colours that they put over top of his pencils were shit, but you could tell that Mad had something different in his work. 

So, Joe does a creator-owned book for a couple of issues after the X-Men, and then goes off to do some video game work...and becomes an even better artist. 

And at some point he decides comics are kind of cool and makes a little bit of a comeback on The Ultimates with Jeph Loeb. He then does some Spider-Man work, and now is doing a little more work on an Inhumans title. 

I love Mad's work. I love how it moves and flows. I love his character designs. He has dynamic page layouts that pack in the power, and portray incredible action. 

What do I want to write for Joe Mad? Fucking Battle Chasers yo! Why? Because it is Battle Chasers. Big clockwork robots, high adventure, amazing creatures. And FANTASY driven books that would sell are few and far between. This is one that I'm sure would get some readers. Ah, I can dream. 

Until next time,

Martin John

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