Saturday, December 21, 2013

10 Artists I Want To Work With - #7 Frank Quitely

Frank Quitely is something of a personal art icon of mine. I've seen him at some cons and I almost won a sketch by him once (I won a Tony Moore sketch that my tattoo artist now owns); he seems like a very nice person and he is fucking talented. This man has more art mojo than a hundred artists put together. I'm a big fan.

So, with Quitely, the man quite simply can draw emotion. He knows the nuance and the subtleties of body language and facial expressions. 

Mix this with a sublime design aesthetic (keeping a lot of blank space when needed and making his lines count), and you have one of the best working storytellers in the medium. 

Quitely handles small moments, and crazy action sequences with equal passion and detail. His layouts are inventive. His character designs are high fashion without trying too hard. The man is fucking genius. Really. 

What would I write for him? Something with a lot of heart, some horror, but a lot of humanity. A supernatural story set in a neighbourhood where people have tentacles in their closets. I think that would be quite nice. 

Thanks for listening,

Martin John

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