Friday, December 20, 2013

10 Artists I Want To Work With - #8 Andy Belanger

So, let me repeat my rules for this series of posts. Tbe artists must still be alive and I must come up with some sort of project that I would like to work on with them on. It is pretty simple.

Number eight on my list is Andy Belanger, one of the only people on this list I have actually met. I went to one of his art openings at what was my local comic shop at the time and I chatted awkwardly at him, which was a habit of mine at the time. I've always been awkward talking about comics because I still have this belief that comics aren't mainstream for some reason, that they are something that boys talk about in the back of classrooms. My mind completely misses that fact that Sandman happened. I also have this idea that the comic that I am producing, Foreign Matter, is slightly juvenile (and it is), and I have a hard time admitting to people that I write and produce a superhero comic based on an idea I had when I was eighteen. It seems silly to me, even though I am immensely proud that I have taken this idea that I have had and produced three hundred pages of a graphic novel with it. Catch-22 or what
Not so metal. A little maybe.
They let Andy get a little more metal as he went on.

I digress (my new favourite written statement), back to Andy. Why would I want to work with someone that has drawn a title about Shakespeare? Well, that and a handful of Swamp Thing issues. Aside from the art on those books being fucking amazing...well, you see...Andy is a little bit of a metalhead.

And while I am sometimes loathe to admit it, I have a soft spot in my heart for metal, especially the more over-the-top bands like Megadeath, Iron Maiden, The Scorpions (metal?) that I listened to in my teens. Am I a complete metal freak? No, but I can appreciate the opera that goes along with it.

So, Andy went and wrote and drew a mini comic by the name of Black Church a couple of years ago, because he felt like it. And I liked the aesthetic of it, a lot. When you got into the guts of the comic it had a lot of world building going on, but the cover, the presentation and the mix of fantasy and metal really got my mind rolling.  I mean, look at that cover, a topless woman and a barbarian with an axe. Who wouldn't want to buy that just to own that image?

And then you start to look at some of the work that Andy has produced for bands.

And pieces of his personal work.

If you have an affinity for horror, or metal, or beautiful woman why wouldn't you want to work with Belanger? 

What would I write for Andy? Something with a hell of a lot of demons, skeletons and metal! What exactly that would be would take awhile to formulate in my mind, but I can see barren wastelands, metal shows in NYC, swords, and beautiful women flowing out of every corner of it. That might seem insane, but insanity is fun sometimes. 

Well, until tomorrow when I greet you with number seven. 

Martin John 

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