Thursday, December 19, 2013

10 Artists I Want To Work With - #9 Colleen Doran

So, the purpose of this series is to allow myself the space to dream about people that I would love to work with. Seeing as this is before I am famous in any regard, there is little chance that this would happen. The only rules I have set for myself is that they must still be alive and that I have to come up with a rough idea about what I would like to work on with them.

Colleen Doran is familiar to me from three bodies of work, A Distant Soil, Orbiter (with Warren Ellis), and The Book Of Lost Souls (with JMS). Not a lot to go on to inform this, but she appeared on my list for a reason and I'm rolling with that.

Lord Of The Rings - Gandalf and Pal
Doran doesn't have a style so much as she has a way of drawing. From what I can piece together, and from what little I remember of reading her work, she has an attention to detail, a soft line, and a design aesthetic that I am really drawn towards.

The pages/pencils that I have here are drawn from Colleen's website and feature some of the amazing work that she is capable of in the pencil stage and in the design stage, whether it is the page design, the character design, or the overall splash design. 

When I look at her painted work, like The Distant Soil cover above, I can't help but admire the talent and craftsmanship that goes into it, and while the cover reminds me so much of David Mack, it is Doran through and through. The way that she portrays her characters in the work that is her own has such a feminine quality to it, and I can't help but love that. I hate to make it about gender, but I truly think, in this case, that Doran being a female, adds a certain romantic quality to her figure work and the way that she lays out her pages. 

I include this X-Men spread above to hammer home a point. Doran gives both genders equal room on the page, and gives them both a heroic panel wherein they shine. I believe that she does not take away from either Storm or Gambit's sexuality or their heroism in her pencils here and I admire the hell out of that. Plus, just take a look at those backgrounds and the ability to tell an action sequence, portray character through facial expressions and gesture. SO DAMN GOOD. 

 What would I want to write for Colleen? Something flavoured with fantasy and romance. Something a little surreal, but grounded in the real world. I believe that a comic steeped in romance would be an amazing project that would make next to zero dollars when it started, but after we sold the rights to the television series or movie to whomever we would be on the road to financial awesomeness. That, and I just want to see pinups involving a man and a woman embracing by Doran within a fantasy setting. Also, I'm a huge believer in romantic stories and believe, if done properly, that they would sell like flapjacks. 

Didn't she already do a romantic fantasy?
So, with that, peace out and I'll see you tomorrow with a new artist. 

Martin John

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