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10 Comic Book Artists That I Want To Work With - Number 10 - Brett Booth

So, if I load up a large pipe full of hash and sit down to make a list of ten people I would love to work with there is a list that appears within that deep hash smoke that fills me with excitement. Even at the thought of working with these people I get goosebumps and start to tremble. Yup, I am that kind of nerd, the one that has a hell of a lot of reaction to the ideas thumping around in my skull.

So, here are a couple of guidelines that I've given myself for this article. They still have to be alive, and there has to be a project attached. So, for every artist that I profile I will also be coming up with a cursory dream project that I'd like to work on with these artists.

Let's start with artist number ten, Brett Booth. I lived through the original Image era, and collected Spawn, The Savage Dragon (which I still pick up from time to time), W.I.L.DCats and Youngblood. I was hopelessly addicted to the endless action, the gratuitous blood and storylines that made no sense whatsoever (except maybe for Larsen's Dragon). Image Comics was a bombastic, brash company that made cash hands over fist by creating comics that were driven by the artists and I loved them. From within Wildstorm universe (created by Jim Lee), an artist named Brett Booth came up through the ranks; he drew with a dynamic sense of action, his pages full of slender muscled bodies superheroes, lithe beautiful woman and an attention to detail and background.

Booth's Spider-Man 2099
Take Booth's career with Wildstorm, add in a good stint on the character Anita Blake, and then a good long term at DC comics and baste that together with an artist that has grown into his style with a maturity that pencilling monthly comics for twenty years brings and you have someone that can design a page, a character and tell a story with confidence.

Trinity War Cover Spread
You can follow Brett Booth on twitter @brettbooth and you can check out his art blog at: I've pulled all the images for this post off of there, and as you can see the man is a major talent. 


I admit, up until recently I hadn't paid Booth that much attention (although I had read some of his Anita Blake stint, and some of his Justice League run with James Robinson), but with the new 52 he managed to capture my attention in a big way with his character designs. Once I took a look at his raw pencils I knew that Booth was one of those artists whose pencils lost a lot in the translation from pencil to finished page. With monthly gigs being the rush that they are, pencillers with finer detail often lose a lot of that detail with the inkers that they work with and then even more with the colourists that are assigned to their work. Like a trooper, I believe that Booth's work has often been inked and coloured under rushed circumstances, making for a product that doesn't properly do justice to his amazing work. Or it could just be that I like his pencils better than the finished product. Either way, the pencils are usually pretty fucking amazing. 

Booth's raw pencils are incredible. 
I think that the colour loses some of the organic action in Booth's pencils.
So, what would I do if I had the chance to work with Booth? Backlash. I was talking to Booth one night on twitter and he was jokingly looking for someone to write the title and I threw my name in the mix. The character has had psychic abilities, telekinetic abilities, the power to turn himself into smoke, and just has an amazing look to him that I believe could be utilized in a modern day spy/ninja story, an upgraded James Bond that does his dirty work in the public eye, but has a persona for when things get a little on the nasty side. I haven't thought of anything beyond that, but I think that would be as good a place to start as any. 

So Mr. Booth, if you ever want to launch a title with someone that no one knows, let me know, I'll be there. 

Until tomorrow folks, where I'll talk about the next person on my wish list. They are all amazing, and honestly I would love to work with almost any artist on a pitch/original idea. So if you are out there and you want to hit me up:


Martin John 

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