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Burly-q : A Short Screenplay by Martin John Copyright Martin John 2013

This is a screenplay that I wrote for a short film that was originally going to be produced by a great up-and-coming director. Copyright is Martin John 2013.
          INT. AURORA’S APT. ENTRANCEWAY - NIGHT.                        
          AURORA looks on as STEVEN (late twenties, jealous and          
          possessive, conservative) leaves the apartment angrily.          
          Aurora has a pair of red lacy underwear in her hand.            
          Steven turns in the doorway to address Aurora one last time.    
                    I thought you were better than                        
          Steven leaves angrily. Cue music. The camera enters the        
          apartment with Aurora and slowly reveals Aurora’s living        
          quarters. The camera focuses on the walls off the apartment,    
          posters of vintage movies line the walls, Bogart, Bacall,      
          Monroe and Hepburn mostly. Aurora walks with shoulders          
          hunched as she makes her way further into the apartment.        
          THE LIVING ROOM - NIGHT                                        
          Aurora sits down and her rage comes bubbling up to the top      
          and she scream, and punches down into the chair that she is    
          sitting in.                                                    
          Aurora has been crying, mascara runs down her face. She is      
          sitting in a tank top with the red underwear that were in      
          her hand on.                                                    
                    Hello Natalie. I’ve been                              
                              LAUREN (V.O.):                              
                    Yeah. Listen Natalie. I want to do                    
                    it. Burlesque.                                        
                              LAUREN (V.O.):                              
                    Really? I thought you weren’t                        
                    allowed to.                                          
                    We broke up.                                          

          CONTINUED:                                              2.      
          Aurora rubs her sleeve over her face rubbing the mascara        
          into more of a mess. Lauren stays quiet, this is a shock to    
                         (Changing the subject)                          
                    So I want to do it. When can we                      
                              LAUREN (V.O.):                              
                    Really? You?                                          
                    Yes. Yes. YES.                                        
                    Okay. Let’s do this.                                  
          Cue music. Aurora continues the conversation with Lauren,      
          there is an energy to her now, a drive, a happiness, a          
          lightness of being.                                            
          INT. DANCE STUDIO, MIDDAY.                                      
          Aurora is in a dance studio with LAUREN. Aurora has just        
          finished with a routine and is sweating lightly, and            
          breathing with exertion. She is angry at herself for having    
          missed a step in the middle of her routine. Aurora is          
          wearing sweat pants and a loose shirt and Lauren a sports      
          bra with tights. They have their hair tied back to keep it      
          out of their faces.                                            
                    What? It looked okay.                                
          Aurora throws Lauren a dirty look.                              
                    Just work it out until your body                      
                    memory kicks in.                                      
                    Could you put the song on again?                      
          Lauren puts on the song, an older song, something in the        
          public domain, but with a good beat. Aurora practices the      
          step over and over but she keeps missing it.                    

          CONTINUED:                                              3.      
          Aurora just quite and sits down in a moment of frustration.    
          Aurora grabs a drink of water and sits down next Lauren who    
          is turning off the music.                                      
                    Amy. Are you sure about this?                        
          Aurora nods.                                                    
                    And your parents?                                    
          Aurora turns her head away.                                    
                    They won’t ever find out.                            
                    And if they do?                                      
                    I don’t know alright? They don’t                      
                    even know about Steven yet.                          
                    Just warning you that there are                      
                    people that shoot this stuff. And                    
                    they post it on Facebook and stuff.                  
                    So? Don’t you come up with                            
                    burlesque names to hide yourself?                    
                    I’ll just do that.                                    
                    No. You come up with the name to be                  
                    Oh. What about pasties? I don’t                      
                    know about pasties. Do I have to do                  
                    But I don’t have to if I don’t want                  
                    to right?                                            
                    You want to.                                          

          CONTINUED:                                              4.      
                    Yeah, you’re right. I do. Okay,                      
                    crank the music.                                      
          Lauren grabs Aurora by the hand and squeezes it.                
          Aurora gets back up. She puts on her music and starts to        
          practice her choreography again. She doesn’t hit the step      
          again. She screams (silently as the music has overtaken the    
          scene), calling back to her frustration with Steven.            
          INT. BACKSTAGE AT BURLESQUE SHOW - NIGHT                        
          -Aurora putting on face powder/blush.                          
          -Aurora putting on eyeshadow and eyeliner. Closeup on eyes.      
          -Aurora putting on lipstick and lipliner. Closeup on lips.      
          -Aurora teasing her hair.                                      
          -Aurora pulling up her stockings and lashing them to            
          -Aurora pouring glitter into her gloves and putting them on.    
          -Aurora doing up the clasp of her bra.                          
          -Two pasties sitting in a plastic baggie, unused.              
          -We start to focus on the other people and the backstage        
          area. Props are being tested to make sure they do what they    
          do, fans, hoola hoops, and the like. Jokes are being told,      
          stories and there is laughter to go along with them.            
          Breasts, stomachs, lips and limbs fill the space with a        
          sexual haze.                                                    
          MONTAGE ENDS                                                    
          We are backstage at the burlesque show. ROUGE NOIRE is in      
          the room, she is an intimidating woman with a superiority      
          complex and little room for others. DAVIS HARLEYSON, a          
          handsome boylesque performer in his mid-twenties is in the      
          background, shirtless, and he looks over from time to time      
          to check Aurora out.                                            

          CONTINUED:                                              5.      
          Within the middle of this haze site Aurora. She is sitting      
          nervously, her arms crossed over her chest protectively, her    
          body language betraying her as uncomfortable in this group      
          of people.                                                      
          Davis Harleyson comes up from behind her.                      
                              DAVIS HARLEYSON:                            
                         (startled and stumbling over                    
                         her tongue)                                      
                              DAVIS HARLEYSON:                            
                    I haven’t seen you around. I’m                        
                    Davis Harleyson.                                      
                         (laughs shyly)                                  
                    I love that name.                                    
                              DAVIS HARLEYSON:                            
                    And you are?                                          
          , Aurora Angora.                              
                              DAVIS HARLEYSON:                            
                    This your first time?                                
                              DAVIS HARLEYSON:                            
                    You can tell.                                        
                              DAVIS HARLEYSON:                            
                    No, I’m sorry.                                        
          Nervous pause.                                                  
                              DAVIS HARLEYSON:                            
                    I was really nervous when I first                    
                    went on. But its awesome. Really.                    

          CONTINUED:                                              6.      
                    Well I just barfed in the washroom                    
                    so its started out pretty good so                    
          Davis Harleyson makes a comical face, a grossed-out face.      
                    I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to say                      
                              DAVIS HARLEYSON:                            
                    Don’t worry about it. I get it.                      
                    I’ve felt that way too.                              
          Rouge Noire comes over is making her way across the room        
          when Davis catches her eye and she comes over.                  
                              ROUGE NOIRE:                                
                    Hey Davis.                                            
                              DAVIS HARLEYSON:                            
                    Rouge. What’s up?                                    
          Rouge stops and looks at Aurora.                                
                              ROUGE NOIRE:                                
                    Who are you?                                          
                              ROUGE NOIRE:                                
                    Are you supposed to be here?                          
                    I’m performing tonight.                              
                              ROUGE NOIRE:                                
                    I doubt it. Listen I’m stealing                      
                    Davis because we need to talk.                        
                    Without you.                                          
          Rouge takes Davis by the arm and leads him away. Davis looks    
          back and mouthes "I’m sorry." Rouge shoots Aurora an evil      
          look over her shoulder.                                        
          Lauren comes through the crowd carrying a bag and wearing a    
          long trench coat with her costume on underneath.                
                    I thought you were going to be here                  
                    earlier. I don’t know anyone here.                    

          CONTINUED:                                              7.      
                              AURORA: (cont’d)                            
                    And that girl over there is so                        
          Focus on Rouge for a moment, and than quickly back to Aurora    
          and Lauren.                                                    
                    Rouge Noire. Girl’s a bitch.                          
                    She’s pretty.                                        
                    Yeah. She’s a bitch.                                  
                    Look at you in your sexy bedazzled                    
                    underthings. Truly looking like an                    
                    Aurora Angora.                                        
                    So should I call you Lauren? I like                  
                    your name so much. Lauren Catcall                    
                    is awesome. My name isn’t that cool                  
                    Did you remember everything?                          
                    I think so.                                          
          Aurora looks through her bags. Aurora finds she has no          
          pastie tape and loses her composure. She starts to dig          
          through her bag and continues to do so over the following      
                    I can’t find my tape.                                
                    I’ll let you have some tape                          
                    tonight, but after this you get                      
                    your own. Got it?                                    
          Aurora is visibly troubled.                                    

          CONTINUED:                                              8.      
                    Now get ready because there are a                    
                    lot of cameras out there and you                      
                    don’t want your nipples all over                      
                    the internet.                                        
          Pause to take Aurora in.                                        
          INT ONSTAGE AT BURLESQUE SHOW - NIGHT                          
          Aurora’s act. It is not perfect, she stumbles right off the    
          start, and has a major stumble in the middle of the act        
          where the action pauses and she ponders giving up, but this    
          is all she has left, this is the moment where she has to        
          push through it, where her strength has to come from her        
          core. This is where we see what Aurora is truly made of,        
          this is her getting back at Steven, overcoming her own fear,    
          overcoming what Rouge has done to her and landing the step      
          that she wasn’t landing in rehearsal. From here on the act      
          is gorgeous in the power that she brings to it through the      
          release of caring and when she strips off her bra she revels    
          her new found beauty.                                          
          There is a pause when she finishes and...                      
          Aurora is sweating and standing onstage with a smile as a      
          crowd cheers her on. Her act was amazing and she is soaking    
          in the adoration in high-waisted panties and pasties.          
          She makes her way offstage as a host takes the stage.          
          Aurora comes backstage on a high from the stage. Other          
          performers are congratulating her, and Rouge Noire is          
          standing watching her with Davis Harleyson. She grabs Davis    
          around the neck with a big smile on her face, and after a      
          moment of standing there kisses him passionately. Rouge        
          looks on in terror.                                            
                    We should talk later. Without her.                    
          Aurora steps away and is greeted by Lauren who gives her a      
          big hug.                                                        
                    I am so proud of you right now.                      
          Aurora smiles.                                                  

          THE END.                                                        

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