Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Locke and Key Finale

I am not reading a lot of comics lately, but I bought the last two issues of Locke and Key today. It is no secret that I have been digging this comic since that fated moment I came across the first two hardcovers in the Toronto library. I was blown the fuck away right from the start of this comic. Two creators that I had no familiarity with were producing something that was head and shoulders above the rest of the field. And I hadn't heard a thing about his book from anyone. It was one of those well kept secrets, one of those little gems that had crept into the field and was being fostered based on the quality of art and writing alone. IDW, brav-fucking-o for taking this comic and sticking the fuck with it the entire time. You have produced a modern classic IDW, way to fucking go.

I swear so much in this review of Locke and Key because it has left an impression in my brain. It has taken so many wonderful influences from comics (Calvin and Hobbes and Little Nemo in Slumberland have both had homages in this book), and it has created such wonderful characters and such a wonderful universe.

I cried this morning reading Locke and Key: Alpha. Both issues were superb, but the final issue was a wonderful way to close things up, mirroring a lot of the first issue, allowing the reader to be pulled back into their initial reaction to the book and adding a wonderful bookend quality to everything. I don't want to go into the book too much, but I consider this piece of work by Garbriel Rodriguez, Joe Hill, Jay Fotos and company to be among the best comics that I have read. The character moments are poignant, the dialogue, while wordy at times, hits home in the heart, and has a poetry to it that I can admire.

Do yourself a favour and go out and purchase the series as a Christmas/Hannukah/Kwanza/Yule/Festivus/Solstice gift. You won't be disappointed.

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