Thursday, January 30, 2014

Six Amazing Comics Creators - Art Edition

So, chances are you haven't heard of these artists before, but you'll hear from them soon because they are amazing and they are making great comics. Visit their websites, buy their material, and be the person that says, "I used to read these people when...".

1. Adam Markiewicz @AdManComics 

Find out what is going on with Adam at and (NSFW)
A former Kubert School attendee, expect to hear some amazing things coming out Adam's corner of the comic 
world once people start to catch on. 

Selena had to sit by my ass for an entire con. Yup, I feel sorry for her. Thing is, I got to see her commissions all day long, and they were fucking incredible. I admit I'm a bit biased about everyone on this list, but it doesn't mean that their work doesn't speak for themselves, and Selena is one kickass artist. Oh, and she loves Mass Effect. 

3. Johnnie Christmas @j_xmas

I can't think of a nicer guy in comics that I've had a chat with than Johnnie. He was a truly wonderful guy,
and on top of that he is one fucking killer artist. Glad to hear that him and Ed Brisson just had one of 
their ideas picked up to make into a movie, it couldn't have  happened to better people. 

4. Ramon Villalobos @RamonVillalobos

I love Ramon. He is a lively twitter artist, a great sketch artist and a great pinup artist. He is 
also a wonderful writer (Read the Vitruvian Underground), and an amazing sequential artist
(Read LP that he did with Curt Pires). 

5. Dalton Rose @Daljamros

Dalton has worked with some great writers (Sam Humphries and Curt Pires) in the last couple of years 
on some great series, Sacrifice and Theremin. Go to his tumblr and make sure you read his short comic 
called Joywell. His style seems simple, but is so wonderfully simple, an economy of line. 

Yasmin is boss. I was intro'ed to her from the series called Hire This Woman. And you know what? People should hire this woman. Her webcomics Saint's Way...amazing! 

And with that I'm out. I am planning on a writer and possibly a coluorist version of this come back soon. 

Martin John

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